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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - PRP & IOP - A Village Wellness - outpatient treatment program
Intensive Outpatient Program
Intensive Outpatient Program
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It's Professional

All therapists and counselors are licensed, accredited professionals. Your information is protected in compliance with HIPAA and COMAR standards.


It's Effective

We offer evidence-based, impactful care for lasting wellness and personal development.


It's a Safe Space

We provide a safe, nurturing space for growth and positive transformation.

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Outpatient Treatment Program

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Are referrals required for AVWC services?

Referrals from a Licensed Mental Health Professional are only required for PRP, according to state regulation. However, IOP and OP do not require referrals. Our website will always reflect service requirements, but you can always reach out to confirm.

What type of insurance does AVWC accept?

We currently accept Medicaid. In Spring ’24 we expect to accept additional insurance providers for IOP and OP, including: Medicare, Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United HealthCare.

How long does treatment take?

Everyone’s journey is different. Our team develops individualized treatment plans that aim to meet your needs and objectives. We work at your pace, no matter how long the journey takes.  

Does AVWC offer services virtually?

Absolutely! We recognize the importance of meeting you where you are. If you would prefer telehealth to in-person engagement, please let us know. A minimum number of in-person visits may be required, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs and preferences. 

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Outpatient Treatment Program